An update for PUBG PC was issued a couple of days earlier, and now it’s time for the console devices. Today’s release affects both the PS4 and Xbox One editions of the title.  The release is 5.28 GB on Xbox One, but the volume will vary depending on whether you have the PS4 version.

Patch Notes

  • For PC
    • A small bug repair to address a problem that could cause the Blue Zone meter to refresh while utilizing the Jammer Pack, in addition to routine stability enhancement.
  • For Console
    • A bug that causing a baseline of 20 bots in each lobby has been rectified.
    • Adjusted a concern that caused FPP games to start automatically after 3 minutes rather than 5.

PUBG Mobile Lite Update (Season 24)

The game designers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are about to release one more worldwide update with additional features, which is great news for the mobile gaming group.  Season 23 of PUBG Mobile Lite will finish on the 30th of April, and Season 24 of PUBG Mobile Lite will debut on the 1st of May.

  • Every month, a fresh Winner Pass is available in PUBG Mobile Lite. On April 30, the existing pass will come to a close.
  • The WP will be disabled after it expires, and gamers will not be able to receive any perks. Season 24 of PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass will commence on the 1st of May, at approximately 5:30 a.m. UTC.
  • Winner Pass Elite Upgrade
    • Cost: 280 BC
  • Winner Pass Elite Upgrade Plus
    • Cost: 800 BC

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