UBG is Now PUBG Battlegrounds + Blackpink + F2P

PUBG is one of the best and most popular Battle Royale games today and rightly so. Ever since its arrival, it has been the go-to Battle Royale game for many gamers, even when its competitors are free to play. Fans are still willing to spend money to play PUBG, rather than playing F2P battle royale games like Fortnite or Call of Duty. Well, we have some great news for the fans.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG Stadia
Courtesy of Bluehole

First of all, the game’s name has been changed from PUBG to PUBG: Battlegrounds. We saw their Twitter account changing its name to PUBG Battlegrounds. Also, it used the new name twice in the tweet they made, making it the new official name of the game.

Earlier, the game’s name was changed on Steam and fans thought it might have been a mistake. But it is pretty much official and that means, if expanded, it would be called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds. It doesn’t make much sense and we have no idea why it has been done. Now let’s move forward to more important things.


Previously a leak suggested that PUBG might soon go free-to-play for PC and consoles. It came from a reliable leaker PlayerIGN, where he claimed that PUBG wants to go free-to-play after a trial for a week. The good news is now it has been officially confirmed by PUBG Corporation. It will begin from 10th August 2021 and will last till 16th August 2021.

During this trial, PUBG Corporation will track the player responses and then finalize the fate of the popular multiplayer action game. PUBG Mobile is already a highly successful and dominating free-to-play battle royale game. So, it does make sense for PUBG Corp to do the same with the OG version of the game. It should also be noted that PUBG Corp originally intended to make PUBG free-to-play, back in 2019. But that did not happen due to below par player response.

PUBG X Blackpink

Courtesy of PUBG Corp

We have some exciting news for KPop fans who play PUBG too. PUBG announced the arrival of Blackpink on August 8, 2021, into the game through a new trailer. Blackpink’s promotional banners will be seen on the back of the plane, building sides, and wherever you’ll expect. Apart from that, pink smoke will be pouring out of supply crates and there will be decals all over as well.

Players will also be able to unlock some new cosmetic items, though same cannot be said for new skins. Though in the action-packed trailer, we see a lot of new faces, we won’t see them as skins in the game. But as mentioned above, we will be able to see them printed everywhere, even on the parachutes while jumping.

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