PUBG Mobile India has dropped a short teaser for the super-hyped upcoming game. The 24-second video features popular PUBG personalities Dynamo Gaming, Jonathan, and Kronten Gaming.

The video illustrates the current scenario of Indian PUBG Mobile players. It says, “Missing the Excitement?” as Dynamo Gaming’s phone drops out of his hand from boredom. It again says, “Missing the Pan?” as Jonathan is cooking something on an actual pan in the kitchen.

Lastly, the video asks, ” Missing the thrill?” as Kronten Gaming is shown playing with an apple on the dining table. At the end of each short clip, we see the new PUBG MOBILE INDIA logo, with a Coming Soon tag.

Check out the video for yourself –

According to a new report, the government is yet to analyze the new game’s policies before the game could be released. “Unless they (PUBG Corporation) address the concerns, it will be difficult to grant any relaxation [to PUBG Mobile],” reports Times of India.

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