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The new version 0.22.1 has arrived, and players have begun to experience it. It has been reported that some gamers are having difficulties downloading the latest version and have yet to play it.

Players will benefit from several optimizations and exclusive goods as a result of the update. The battle royale title has shaken the world’s downloads in recent updates, and the game’s buzz is growing at a rapid pace. As a result, the game’s developers are swiftly introducing new features and goodies. The last PUBG Mobile Lite version, 0.22.0, was one of the best, but the developers have worked hard to make the 0.22.1 update comparable by adding some optimizations, items, and features.

0.22.1, Patch Notes

Image Courtesy of LION x GAMING

Download size

If the update is downloaded in-game, the new 0.22.1 update in PUBG Mobile Lite is 192 MB in size. After that, gamers must restart the game to get the most recent version.

They will not need to open the game again if the update is obtained from the game’s official website.

New features

The makers of PUBG Mobile Lite provide new features, modes, events, skins, and other prizes with each release. Although the 0.22.1 update is only a small one before the main 0.23.0 update (due in January 2022), it does include some new weapons skins.

Here are some of the new gun skins in the most recent update:

Glided Jade Dragon upgradable DP 28 skin
Outlawed Fantasy upgradable UMP 45 skin


How to Download the APK and OBB file

First and foremost, players must download the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 version from the provided link.

Players must install the game on their personal devices after downloading it in its entirety from the provided URL.

Last but not least, players must clip the OBB file and paste it into the internal Android file on their phone. Players should keep in mind that the 0.22.1 Update is around 757.18 MB in size.

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