PUBG Mobile: Update 1.6 Release Date

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile

A new update for PUBG, patch 1.6 has been confirmed by Tencent. The update is said to be a fan-centric patch. Tencent has said that they have been engaging with feedback from the fans and that the new update has been developed around what they have received from the fans.


While a 1.6 Beta has been released a few days ago, there has been no confirmed date for the release of the complete patch. The new patch includes a new game mode called Flora Menace that can be accessed through the Erangel map in Classic Mode. Tencent has also stated that fan-favorite game modes will be brought back to the game.

The update will fix the issues that were seen after PUBG Mobile version 1.5. The new patch will address issues such as:

  • Tapping the punch button being unresponsive occasionally
  • Missing Light Machine Gun settings in Sanhok and Miramar
  • Unable to use the Royal Pass M2 Upgrade Card in inventory where it will display wrong season information, but can be used as a normal Royale Pass.

In addition to this, there is a bonus for players. As compensation, Tencent will be giving players who have completed the patch update on all servers a particular number of Classic Crate Coupons, which will depend on the size of the patch. Players should check for the Crate Coupons after completing the update, but some regions may update slower than others.

Tencent has told fans:

“PUBG Mobile update 1.6 is quickly approaching and with it means new content, two new Royale passes, and more that I can’t quite mention yet,”

We will just have to sit tight and wait for the announcement to be made. But fret not, the update is to come out within this week!

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