PUBG Mobile Banned in India
Courtesy of HT Tech / Tencent

PUBG Mobile will not be unbanned in India anytime soon, as per reports. In the past few days, a number of rumors have been making rounds on the Internet claiming that the game will be unbanned in India pretty soon.

Tech Crunch had earlier mentioned in a report that the developers are indeed eyeing a comeback in the subcontinent. This was corroborated by prominent game journalist Rishi Alwani, of the Mako Reactor. He mentions in a tweet that a number of PUBG Mobile professional players have been hinting that an announcement closer to Diwali is expected.

As per our report from insiders in the industry, the game is far from being unbanned. This is likely due to the government’s stern stand against Chinese apps. Unbanning PUBG Mobile after the Microsoft partnership might set a precedence for other apps as well, and the government is reportedly reluctant to make such a move.

Instead, what we can expect in Diwali is the participation of Indian teams in PUBG Mobile Global Championship, the biggest global tournament for PUBG Mobile. A total of sixteen teams from India are likely to take part in the event. While there is no official announcement regarding the tournament’s format, our reports suggest that it will be held in Dubai, and that’s how Indian players will be able to participate in the tournament.

This might not be the news millions have been expecting for quite a while, however, it can incite the interest of the fan base once again and help the developers gather more support in its favor. With less than a week to go for Diwali and PMGC being slated for November-end, it remains to be seen how things pan out for the game.


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