Despite the launch of other battle royale games on mobile, PUBG Mobile still has a large community of players. It’s no wonder since PUBG Mobile released amazing collaborations throughout the years it’s been active. BLACKPINK is set to come back to PUBG Mobile soon.

PUBG Mobile’s next update is going live this month

Screengrab Courtesy of PUBG Mobile via YouTube

According to Tencent, there are big updates coming this May as they are launching PUBG Mobile’s 2.0 update. But aside from all these teasers from the developer, excited players also found leaks of what’s to come in the latest update.

Screengrab Courtesy of PUBG Mobile via YouTube

In PUBG Mobile 2.0, players are getting an Arena version of the jungle-like map Sanhok. Moreover, Recall Towers is making a comeback to Erangel and Livik maps for a limited time.

Screengrab Courtesy of PUBG Mobile via YouTube

But aside from map updates coming to PUBG Mobile, they are also introducing adjustments to the overall gameplay. From vehicle mechanics to sound settings to haptics, Tencent aims to enhance the overall experience of their players with these adjustments.

Anti-cheat system in the game is getting a significant improvement

There’s no denying that cheaters are rampant on PUBG Mobile, similar to Rules of Survival. However, Tencent takes banning and catching cheaters seriously. In the new update, they are introducing a new system called the Ban Pan Security System 2.0.

Screengrab Courtesy of PUBG Mobile via YouTube

According to Tencent, the new Ban Pan system will make banning cheaters easier by implementing better guidelines. Moreover, this new system will use state-of-the-art anti-cheat measures wherein players’ POVs can be identified. With the use of the Fog of War Anti-Cheat System, players using the most common cheats (x-ray vision, auto-aim, wall hacks) will be easily identified.

But other than the Ban Pan system, PUBG Mobile is also launching the Eagle System. With the use of the Eagle System, investigators can monitor matches in real-time for any suspicious activity. This is a step up from their previous anti-cheat system because even if players report a cheater they encountered, it would take a while for the game to investigate the case.

Screengrab Courtesy of PUBG Mobile via YouTube

PUBG Mobile will feature collabs with world-renowned girl group BLACKPINK

If you’ve kept up with the latest news about the popular battle royale game, then you know about the collaborations in store. They first announced the game by collaborating with popular anime EVANGELION.

Screengrab Courtesy of PUBG Mobile via YouTube

But aside from this collaboration, they will also be launching a project with The Great British Teddy Bear Company.

Screengrab Courtesy of PUBG Mobile via YouTube

And as for the most anticipated collaboration, BLACKPINK is having another collaboration with PUBG Mobile soon.

There is no word yet on when these collaborations are taking place. But the amount of content coming in the new update is definitely something to look forward to.

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