PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile

Chinese gaming giant, Tencent, recently announced that they would be bringing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds back to China, along with some minor modifications made to fit the country’s unique market. Moreover, Tencent is also working with developer Bluehole Studio to bring PUBG for mobile devices.

According to a post by Tencent (which is in Mandarin) and after a bulky dose of Google Translation, it is certain that Tencent intends the mobile port of PUBG to contain all the features from the original game and play in the same familiar way. So far, development on the mobile version of PUBG is overgoing smoothly, which means, players can expect PUBG on Android & iOS devices anytime soon.

However, it is not yet clear if Tencent’s intention is to spread the mobile port of the game to other parts of the world, as their current focus is to release the mobile version in the Chinese markets first. After all the country constitues to 40% of the game’s playerbase.

Mobile gaming in China is already huge. And seeing one of the world’s most popular game join the competition would be fun. What are your views? Would you be interested in playing PUBG on small screens? Let us know your views in the comments. Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, and allow our site to send you push-notifications so that you can catch up with new gaming stuff as soon as they’re up! Until next time, Happy Gaming!