PUBG: New State Pre-Registration + Release Date Leak

PUBG: New State pushes enhanced gameplay and visuals! Most gamers have been excited by this, and indications of extended gaming experience have aroused their attention. Let’s go over the most up-to-date information on the PUBG New State launch and the most recent leaks!


  • Last February 25, 2021, Krafton announced the pre-registration for PUBG New State. On the Google Play Store for Android devices, it’s already accessible. Gamers who pre-registered received a limited-time vehicle cosmetic. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!
  • It received more than 20 million pre-registrations from all over the world, with the exception of three regions. PUBG: New State has yet to launch in India, China, or Vietnam, where it has the largest player bases. Also, please remember that these statistics only apply to Android players around the world.
  • Pre-registration for iOS devices has started, according to Krafton. It will begin this August. However, it will still be unavailable in India, China, and Vietnam.

Release Date

  • The launch date for PUBG New State will be in October 2021, as per rumors. With pre-registrations for iOS starting, a September 2021 launch date for PUBG New State isn’t out of the topic.
  • The specific launch date has yet to be announced by Krafton, but we expect it to be sometime during the first week of October. In addition, the new state should be available simultaneously on iOS and Android.
  • PUBG New State’s project progress in India has not been disclosed by Krafton. The move was made in order to give Battlegrounds Mobile India first priority. The developers have yet to respond to iOS users. They’re sticking to their word that an edition will be available shortly.

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