PUBG: New State Release Date Revealed By Leak

The teaser for PUBG: New State was leaked online ahead of a planned embargo. This information comes courtesy of PlayerIGN, a PUBG insider. The preview isn’t particularly exciting, consisting of only 15 seconds of anarchic-looking PUBG players. The launch date is noteworthy: November 11, 2021, in Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

“We Are Next-Gen Battle Royale”

PUBG: New State will get a graphical revamp as well as new mechanics such as evasions, drone calls, a ping system, radio messages, deployable shields, and new strange weapons and vehicles.

  • Gamers in PUBG: New State fight in the fictional world of Troi, whose civilization has recently collapsed.
  • Because there is no law, everyone goes around with assault rifles pillaging and robbing, which is why there are so many symbols of anarchy everywhere.
  • There are some game dynamics that are distinctive to PUBG New State for it to stand apart from PUBG Mobile, such as the ability to recruit other players to join your team if you have a spot open.

40 Million Pre-Registrations

PUBG’s owner, Krafton, previously stated that New State has already received 40 million pre-registrations, indicating that it will be a successful franchise when it releases in November.

PUBG: New State, a standalone game from PUBG Mobile, was revealed in February. The Krafton game will be available for Android and iOS devices as free-to-play. On the App Store and Play Store, pre-registration is now accessible. When the game is ready, those who pre-register will receive a permanent vehicle cosmetic.

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