The patch is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Update 1.72 is the edition series for PS4 users. The patch number is actually 12.2, though. Update 12.2 was previously only accessible for the PC variant of PUBG, but it is now accessible for consoles as well. Let’s do a rundown on what’s included.

The update includes a new map named Taego, which can accommodate up to 100 gamers. It’s also noteworthy that there are some friendly bird species on the map. There have also been a number of other changes and additions to the content.



  • Fixed Issue: After outfitting the Battle Bunny Outfit, an issue with visual clipping in the chest region was resolved when using the PGI.S Tactical Vest and the standard Level 2-3 vest.
  • Fixed Issue: When wearing Duncan’s Infiltrator Helmet – (Level 1) and the Wooden Puppet Mask at the same time.
  • Once a female character wears a shirt, necktie, or most types of skirts, the clipping issue has been resolved.
  • Wearing any type of Handwraps with a long-sleeve t-shirt, the clipping problem on the wrist for female characters. The same goes for the lower abdomen for male characters.
  • When equipping a vest with a form-fitting dress, a clipping problem was settled.

PUBG Stadia


  • Resolved a problem in Training Mode where the firing quantity was lower during the game’s queue than after the waiting period.
  • Due to a wrecked Motor Glider, a gamer could be transported to another spot. Additionally, when executing certain Lobby Ball motions, the character would hover up into the air. This has been fixed.
  • SMGs now can be utilized in the driver’s seat of motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs, thanks to a bug fix.
  • When shifting the firing mode of the PP19 Bizon gun from the passenger seat of a motorcycle or moped, the character’s arm was presented oddly.
  • When using a healing or booster item in the Buggy’s passenger seat, the perspective would shift backward.
  • Character collides with an object while walking or running, the camera orientation of the character does not adjust.
  • Fixed a bug where the lobby would randomly reboot and characters would disappear. After certain bans were overruled, the lobby Reconnect command would not work. This was also fixed.
  • When the progressive skin is at its maximum level, the Contraband Crate preview no longer clips. In FPP, the smoke from a damaged BRDM no longer had a sharp edge.
  • When utilizing the auto boost toggle and there is an Adrenaline Syringe in the stock, the Adrenaline Syringe is used first, even if there are other boost goods.
  • Repaired a matter where the audio effects of the player’s footsteps, vaulting, and climbing differed depending on the distance between them and another gamer.


  • When obtaining a medal of the same division in Mastery, the same notice was presented multiple times.
  • Repaired a problem where automobiles were not viewable after deploying the game for the first time when previewing vehicle skins in the store.
  • When gaining or ignoring a friend request, there was a problem where a console logo appeared in front of the nickname in the system text.


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