PUBG Season 4 Cinematic Trailer Revealed

The Battle Royales have never had deep and important stories, but it seems that PUBG is trying to change this situation. In view of the fourth season, the developer has released a cinematic trailer that provides the first real official tradition of the game.

The trailer shows itself in all its crudeness, in a predominantly dark and mature style compared to what we are used to.

It all starts with a child on Erangel (the first map of PUBG), which turns out to be the only survivor of a horrible battle on the island. After a time jump in the future, the boy is now a man and organizes the Battle Royales in Erangel. The film ends with him staring at a series of monitors, observing all the chaos that is raging on the battlefield.

This type of explicit narrative is in stark contrast to PUBG’s greatest adversary: ​​Fortnite. In fact, the narrative of the latter bases its plot more on environmental changes and in-game events than perhaps on a well-defined storyline.

Recently, for example, a series of Fortnite events – including the appearance of a giant pink mech – will lead to an impressive Pacific Rim-style battle taking place this weekend.

Expanding the world of PUBG turns out to be a great move, however, since more franchise games are underway. The company also recently hired Glen Schofield. Known for his work on Call of Duty and Dead Space, to direct a new study focusing on “an original narrative experience within the PUBG universe”.

Recall that PUBG’s Season 4 will start on July 24th.

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