PUBG: Update 17.2 Adds 1v1 Mode – All Details

Krafton will be adding a new exciting feature to PUBG: Battlegrounds in its update 17.2 – 1v1!

Update 17.2 will be released on May 11 for PC, and May 19 for consoles. Together with this update is the new PUBG 1v1 Arena in Training Mode. As the name suggests, players will be able to square off against other players in the Arena in a 1 versus 1 fashion. Now is the perfect time to find out who the best player is!

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How does this work?

  • To enter the arena, you have to sign-up with the signboards in front of the ticket booth outside the arena for a chance to go head-to-head for a few rounds with other players. Just wait for your turn and you will be given a formidable opponent!
  • The 1v1 battles will be a best-of-three (first to two wins) match.
  • If you are not into the 1-on-1 setup, you can opt to spectate matches instead.
  • The starter pack in the match for both players will be a vest, a backpack, an ordinary helmet, plus two primary weapons and one secondary weapon. To make it exciting, the secondary weapon will be based on what you equipped before the match.
  • You can queue for a Ranked Match while also playing in the 1v1 match. However, you cannot enter other training areas like the Aim/Sound Lab, Jump School, or Target Practice.
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Other updates that come with the latest patch are:

  • Spotter Scope Update – The Spotter Scope’s enemy detection range will be reduced from 1000m to 600m. In line with that, the white passive marker will now not automatically appear in ADS mode.
  • Weapon Balancing – PUBG 17.2 is aiming to make balance gameplay among all the players. With this, the MK12, which is notorious for being difficult to use, has its recoil recovery value improved. In addition, The Mini 14 rifle has its damage increased from 47 to 48.

To read further details, follow PUBG’s latest patch notes here.

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