Quantamancy: The Purgatory release and gameplay
Quantamancy: The Purgatory playable characters (via Corecell)

The world of Metroidvania games unleashed a new leash when AeternoBlade got its Nintendo 3DS release early in 2014. It told the story of Freyja, who after having her village destroyed seeks vengeance. An unlikely weapon named AeternoBlade accompanies her during her journey. Corecell Technologies developed the game and fans referred to the series’ second rendition – AeternoBlade II. Which was however critically received very negatively. As such, Corecell Technologies may have a chance at redemption now given that they have announced Quantamancy The Purgatory.

Quantamancy The Purgatory gameplay
Quantamancy The Purgatory official key visual via quantamancy.com

Similar to its predecessor, Quantamancy The Purgatory will be a “relationship-building story-rich roguelite action RPG” as officially described. The Action RPG game will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 5, PC (via steam), and Xbox series. Although the game has been announced, only a few key visuals revealing the primary playable characters of the game have been released. Questions impede us as much as it does you – what can expect from the gameplay? When is it releasing?

As of now, no official release dates have been unveiled by the developers ;(

What Quantamancy: The Purgatory gameplay may be like

Quantamancy: The Purgatory gameplay
The two primary playable characters (via Corecell)

As of now, there’s less information to draw upon for speculating how this holy punk story-rich game will take steer. But that doesn’t disallow a game-hardy (like spieltimes) from diving into the tactical surgeon of its genealogy. A better look at the time-manipulation hack and slash developed by Corecell, i.e AeternoBlade, and its dynamics, may help shed better light on the possible gameplays.

The Story of Quantamancy: The Purgatory

Quantamancy: The Purgatory will follow the journey of an eccentric pair. One is a stone-hardy underworld criminal, while the other is an opposingly appeasing innocent lass. Destiny entwines both the boy and the girl (so to speak). Seven other playable characters, alongside these two, will be available for players.

Roguelite Gameplay setting

Corecell has defined Quantamancy: The Purgatory as roguelite, which is a sub-genre of roguelike games. The latest era of video gaming has drawn quite attention to this genre, especially with the onslaught of games like Hades and Monster Train.

What’s rogue-lite

Hades roguelite gameplay
Hades gameplay, courtesy of IGN

Games of this category typically include alluring lore, which becomes the primary focal point of itself.

  • Unlike AAA titles, which go on to indulge individuals at a level of immersion in the world itself. Roguelite games are more like the backdrops of a non-graphic oriented non-linear, platform developing dungeon-exploring escapade.

A 2.5D Perspective

Mario, 2.5 Quantamancy The Purgatory gameplay
an example of a 2.5d gameplay, via imgur

As such it is likely that Quantamancy: The Purgatory may be similar to AeternoBlade. A 2.5D immersion into its world. Such a perspective skews AAA titles, but for hack-and-slash story games, the field of view is more than enough.

Perma-death of the main characters

AeternoBlade gameplay
AeternoBlade gameplay, courtesy of
Rubhen925 Youtube

Anyone who has played Hades, or any other notable Roguelite games would know how the genre takes a toll.

  • The most notable aspect of such games is the possibility of the permadeath of the main character. Given that there are multiple characters (2+7), it is likely that the choices given in the game will allow a few of the characters to die.

A possible level-oriented dungeon crawl gameplay

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (via Amazon.com) is an example of dungeon-based platform leveling gameplay

Roguelite games usually feature a leveling platform system.

  • For example, take Pokémon Mystery Dungeon which featured a non-dungeon main world and multiple missions that focused on multiple dungeons exploring. As such it isn’t unlikely for Quantamancy to feature a platform leveling system. Whereby as the story progresses the players will have to navigate levels of a dungeon.

A Relationship building setting

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon gameplay features the marriage system/relationship building. Courtesy of
1Mey7 youtube channel

Now the history of relationship building in action-RPG games is just scram.  One possible comparison may be of the bonding process involved between Sims, but that’s a whole other universe. Relationship-building will probably refer to the possibilities between the main characters.

  • If you have played any of the Harvest Moon series, you will know how the players could connect to different townspeople.
  • For the primary love interests, there was even a certain heart that grows from silver straight down to bright red. This indicated the built relationship with that NPC Another example is Animal Crossing.
  • From the official description, relationship building seems to be more focused on the main characters themselves than on the side characters.


Hades gameplay
Hades featuring different floor levels, via IGN

Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen when his manga “Fire Punch” got released in 2016, told a similar story as AeternoBlade. The manga told the story of a boy whose village was destroyed. The boy was cast in ever-blazing hellfire and must seek revenge for the massacre.  The possibilities of the plot of Quantamancy: The Purgatory are immense, given that the developers have neither announced much on the gameplay nor the story.

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