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JUST IN – Confidential plans on how Australia (and Commonwealth countries) would react to the passing of the Queen of the United Kingdom have been leaked online. According to sources, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral plans are encased in a brief prepared for the current Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

The following are all the leaked details regarding the funeral plans prepared for the monarch according to The Australian website.

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Plans (Details)

  • In the unfortunate event of the Queen’s passing, Australian PM Anthony Albanese will be informed 1 hour before the official announcement
  • The prime minister will also have to wear a “special black tier” immediately after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. This special tie has been always been together with past PMs in case of an unforeseen event.
  • To commemorate the Queen’s life and death, Commonwealth countries such as Australia and Canada will observe 10 days of mourning and remembrance.
  • In addition, during mourning and funeral (10 days), all flags be flown at half-mast. This rule excludes that of the day of “accession”.
  • From what we know, the day of the death of the Queen will be likely a public holiday.
  • As informed from the brief, the funeral will be held in Westminster Abbey, England. Because of that, prime minister Albanese and the Governor-general will be flying to England to attend the said event.
  • Lastly, the plans also revealed that there will also be some 10 or 12 notable Australians with various backgrounds to attend the funeral.
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What happens after the Queen’s passing?

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Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II take the mantle as the new Ruler of the United Kingdom. Soon after the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Prince Charles will be proclaimed King Charles III. But, the royalty will officially ascend to the throne at St. James’ Palace a day after her queen’s death at 10 a.m. Furthermore, Prince Charles is expectedly to have the title: King Charles the Third, by the Grace of God King of Australia and His other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth. Meanwhile, Prince William (Prince Charles’s eldest son), will now become the new heir to the throne.

In line with Prince Charles becoming the new monarch of the UK, the Executive Council in Australia will hold a special meeting to recognize Charles as the new King of Australia.

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Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne as the Queen of the United Kingdom on Feb. 26, 1952, when she was just 27 years of age. Now, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, has become the 2nd-longest ruling monarch in history, only behind the French King Louis XIV.

At a very old age, it would come naturally that the Queen would have dwindling health. Her well-being has been the focus of the royal family after spending a night in the hospital. This event happened back in October 2021. Because of this, her staff had to cancel a series of meetings and public appearances due to her health problems and mobility issues.

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