A Quick Speculation over the Playstation 4K Neo

PlayStation 4K Neo or Xbox Project Scorpio?

We saw a whole lot of new things in E3 this year. We also saw Microsoft announcing not just one, but two new consoles, the Xbox One S and Xbox Project Scorpio, to be released soon. But Sony seemed too quiet this time about their consoles. However they confirmed a mid-generation upgrade just before the show opened. Despite that, there is plenty about PlayStation 4K Neo we know, thanks to a series of leaks, such as a visual and performance upgrade for future games as a part of a dedicated ‘Neo’ mode, 4k output, and full compatibility with existing PlayStation 4 games and peripherals.

PlayStation 4 vs PlayStation 4 Neo: Specs

Base PS4 PS4 Neo
CPU Eight Jaguar cores @1.6 GHz Eight Jaguar cores @2.1 GHz
GPU 18 Radeon GCN CU @800MHz 36 ‘improved’ GCN CU @911MHZ
Memory 8 GB GDDR5 @176GB/s 8 GB GDDR5 @218 GB/s

It is clear that PS4K Neo will enjoy a significant performance boost over PS4. The CPU cores remains all the same however, they have simply been overclocked from 1.6 GHz to 2.1 GHz – a 31% improvement in clock speed.

A Quick Speculation over the Playstation 4K Neo


Talking about the memory, we are still at 8 GB GDDR5, with a 24% boost to bandwidth compared to the original PS4. The current machine uses 5.5 GBps memory modules, and some basic maths suggests that Sony has pushed this to 7.0 GBps modules. It does raise some concerns, as it does not scale particularly well with the mooted GPU boost, which – to be frank, is massive.

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The most exciting part about PS4K Neo is its GPU. We have twice as many GCN compute units as in the original PS4 with a 14% increase in clock speed. That makes a total of 4.1 teraflops to be delivered, 2.3 times more than the PS4. Rumors suggests that they are using the upcoming Polaris chips by AMD.

How is PS4k going to be different from PS4?

It simply means that the PS4K should be able to run faster, with fewer frame-rate tears in more intensive games, providing a smoother gaming experience across the board. However until an official announcement and the first footage from developers, it’s hard to say exactly how different PS4K games will look like. With a 2.3 times graphics boost and an additional 512 MB of memory, we can say that gamers will be able to experience higher and stable frame-rates than before, with additional graphics features and improved graphics fidelity.

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A Quick Speculation over the Playstation 4K Neo

It’s said that games will be able to run at 4K, but that won’t be a requirement for games. Instead the console will be able to upscale to 4k. Sony is however determined this should not come at the expense of the game’s frame-rate.

PS4K may boast of its performance improvements, but there won’t be any exclusives for it. It will be sharing the same library of games with PS4. Moreover PlayStation 4K will have identical peripheral support as PS4 – from the DualShock4 to the PS Camera. It will be sharing the same PSN ecosystem, so that regular PS4 users will be able to play and interact alongside Neo users with no differences online, and vice versa.

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PlayStation 4K Neo: Launch Date

Sony did confirm about the existence of PlayStation 4K Neo, but did not mention anything about its release date.

According to a report by Giant Bomb, every game launched post October will require native support for both PS4 and the Neo, though this does not confirm an October release date for the new hardware. However according to another report from the Wall Street Journal, we should expect an announcement before PlayStation VR’s release on 13th October, with the Neo hitting the shop shelves before Christmas.

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