Rage 2

Unlike its predecessor, Rage 2 is going the RPG-ish way, allowing players to engage in hours of side-content along with a general scripted story.

id Studio Director Tim Willits spoke to VG247 during Quakecon 2018, where he said, “As soon as you finish the introduction, the door opens and you can go anywhere”.

The game allows you to explore the vast non-sectored open-world, talk to folks, race around with NPCs, complete bounties and just stare and play around the camera to enjoy the beautiful summer scenes of the game.

“Play at your own pace”.

You can start exploring each of Rage 2’s five biomes right after hitting the “New Game” option. So once you’ve had enough of one particular biome, you can jump over to another for a change.

Unlike Rage and Mad Max, Rage 2 isn’t about the brown biome anymore. Rage 2 will open opportunities to explore swamplands, overground cities, forests, deserts with unique colours and variety.

Interestingly, once you’re done with the story, you can keep exploring the worlds and play around the game the way you fancy.

The successor to the 2011 “groundbreaking first-person shooter” is ready to rock and roll June 2019.

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