Rainbow Six Siege: 3rd Creative Director Change in 6 Years

With Rainbow Six Siege inching close towards its seventh year, it witnesses a shuffle in leadership roles. Ubisoft recently announced the appointment of a new creative director.

Xavier Marquis, the original creative director, left the position. Leroy Athanassoff then filled the shoes of Marquis. But now, Althanassaoff is exiting Rainbow Six Siege. Art director Alexander Karpazis will be taking up the position. This is the third time that the game has a new creative director in seven years.

Althanassof on Exiting Siege

Althanassoff spoke about his decision to exit the position of creative director:

“I wanted to let you know that due to personal reasons, I will be leaving my role of Creative Director on Siege to pursue other opportunities at Ubisoft. This isn’t a decision I make lightly – I love this game and this community, and I’m so proud of everything our team has accomplished together over the last two years – but I’m confident that it’s the right one, and the team has given me their full support. Don’t worry, I won’t be going too far, and I have a feeling that my journey with this incredible game is far from over.”
Having worked with him for four years, I can attest to not only his skill and talent but also to his passion for Siege. I’ve seen firsthand the dedication he’s brought to creating fun, engaging features that fans love. I have no doubt that he will continue to build on this amazing game and offer even more content and innovation to Siege players.”

In the same post, Karpazis reminiscences his journey with Siege, thanks Althanassoff for mentorship, and addresses the gaming community. “[Athanassoff’s] taught me what exemplary leadership, creativity, and passion look like in the position of Creative Director,” says Karpazis. “Leroy’s hard work will be visible in future seasons as the team and I prepare for one of the most ambitious years in Siege’s history. I’m extremely humbled by the team’s trust in me, and I hope to earn the trust of the community in my new role as well.”

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