Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend

Ubisoft has been allowing new users to taste the goodness of their competitive first-person shooter every now and then. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is going free, yet again, for almost a week, starting this Thursday.

The free period begins August 16th and runs till August 20th. During the free period, you’ll gain access to all the maps, modes and Operators. Ubisoft wants you to have the complete R6 experience without any compromise.

You can access the Free Weekend during the following times for each platform:

PC: August 16th 10:30 PM IST (17:00 UTC) – August 20th 1:30 AM IST (August 19th 20:00 UTC).

XBOX ONE: August 16th 12:31 PM IST (07:01 UTC) – August 20th 12:29 PM IST (06:59 UTC).

PLAYSTATION 4: August 16th 6:30 PM IST (13:00 UTC) – August 20th 6:30 PM IST (13:00 UTC).

For the first time ever,  the Free Weekend will be available for both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Silver users. Also, you can preload the game on your PS4 and PC (Uplay only) starting August 14th. But Xbox and PC (Steam) users will have to wait.

Another plus point to be noted is that all your progression during the Free Weekend will be carried over to the main game “if” you fancy buying it. But that isn’t the case if you buy the Standard Edition on PC. So, be careful there.

I’ve been desiring to play R6 for a very long time but never had the time to try it out. This time though, I’ll be experiencing what people call “an amazing game” for the first time. Add me on PSN, my username is PingalPratyush. We can have some fun together, and I can surely take some FPS lessons on how to conquer these games with the Dualshock 4.

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