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One of the most sought out action first-person shooting games in the market today, Rainbow Six Siege, is now in its seventh year of giving fun and entertainment to all kinds of gamers. Their latest season titled “Demon Veil” will kick in and pour with fantastic updates! One of the most notable updates this new season brings is the newest defender in Rainbow Six Siege’s defender roster – Kana “Azami” Fujiwara

But, who is Azami?

Kana “Azami” Fujiwara is an operator born and raised in the city of Kyoto (Japan).

Azami moved to Tokyo later in her life and joined the Metropolitan Police Academy. There, she gained her 3rd Dan in Jujitsu and her 5th Dan in Aikido, earning her a spot in the Security Police division of the IMPD.

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During her years as a cop, she was suspended due to violent outbursts in the line of duty. Soon after, she quit the police department and chose to join the private sector as a bodyguard. Azami worked exclusively for Masayuki Yahata in Fukuoka before his death led her to re-establish contact with Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa.

Her looks are charming, yet deceiving. Azami’s traditional look mixed with the ultra-modern outfit is a perfect design for a cunning and unpredictable character.

What does Azami bring to the game?

Azami’s loadout

  • Primary weapon – 9X19VSN Submachine Gun / ACS12 Shotgun
  • Secondary weapon – D-50 Handgun
  • Gadget –  x2 Barbed Wire / x2 Impact Grenades
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Azami also has a special gadget called the “Kiba Barrier”. A special Kunai which solidifies moments after being thrown. Even though these barriers are bulletproof, they can still be destroyed by using melee and explosives. You can easily take down the Barrier with three melee hits.

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The Perfect Pair to the Kiba Barrier

Use Mira’s Black Mirrors with Kiba Barrier on an unreinforced wall to protect the user’s body while he’s surveilling the area.

How to Counter Azami

As stated above, melee attacks and explosives can destroy the Kiba Barrier. Every hero can use melee weapons, which makes it fairly easy.

On the other hand, Ash’s Breaching Rounds, Kali’s LV Lances, Flores’s RCE-RETRO Drone, and Zofia’s Impact Grenades are all good counters to his Kunai.

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