A ransomware organization claims to have attacked publisher Bandai Namco. This makes them the latest target of cyberattacks on influential video game industries. Since its initial establishment in 2006, the company has been releasing a number of hugely profitable and famous games.

Ransomware Attack Sighted Against Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco alone has seen the colossus of achievement that is Elden Ring hit the stores in 2022. Later this month another of its major games – Digimon Survive, will be available.

Photo Courtesy of BANDAI NAMCO

With that, a large publisher or developer may become the target of cyberattacks. This is despite the advantages of being a well-known and well-respected company in the gaming sector. One of which is Bandai Namco.

BlackCat / ALPHV?

Bandai Namco is the most recent significant game company to be the subject of a ransomware attack. This was claimed by vx-underground, a nonprofit that tracks malware source code online. Bandai Namco is now part of the list of victims of a ransomware attack by the ALPHV or BlackCat ransomware organization, according to vx-underground.

BlackCat has already declared that it is stepping up its attacks. It has been known to expose employee data if its demands for millions of dollars from businesses are not met. Bandai Namco has yet to make a public announcement verifying or disproving whether it has been attacked.

Nvidia Was Attacked in the Past – vx-underground

NVIDIA Intel Possible Collaboration
Image Courtesy of Nvidia

vx-underground had previously been successful in breaking news about ransomware attacks before the company had formally verified them. For instance, vx-underground reported on the most recent cyberattack on Nvidia. This was before the company officially acknowledged that it had been compromised.

Capcom Experienced a Similar Situation

Street Fighter V
Image Courtesy of Capcom

Though it is unknown what critical information BlackCat would reveal if it chose to leak it, some believe that considering that Bandai Namco is a gaming publisher, their release schedule may be revealed. Following an intrusion in 2021, Capcom had a comparable problem. The publisher of Street Fighter and Resident Evil saw some of its biggest surprises revealed ahead of schedule after years of planned releases were leaked.

A gaming corporation has unfortunately been hacked previously more than once, it seems. As previously mentioned, ransomware assaults also targeted Nvidia and Capcom, and early in 2021, Cyberpunk 2077 producer CD Projekt Red was breached, leading to the publication of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game game data on social media.

Is It a Bad Thing?

This may not appear horrible for new releases to be revealed before they are officially announced. But many believe that it essentially ruins the ‘feeling’ of excitement amongst fans. More importantly, this also jeopardizes the security of employee personal information at Bandai Namco.

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