Razer has always set a benchmark for excellence when it comes to producing gear. Anyone who loves playing video games will find themselves having a weak spot for Razer gaming gear. So if a cryptic image teasing an official announcement for a new product drops, it gets (almost) everyone excited.

The tweet teases the date for the official reveal as September 4 during IFA 2019. IFA, or the Internationale Funkausstellung, is Europe’s biggest tech show – so it’s guaranteed to be something really big.

Razer has already expanded into the production of smartphones (more particularly, “gaming” smartphones) and had announced a slew of gaming laptops earlier this year. It’s only anyone’s guess what the device might be, though some careful calculations indicate it might be a camera. An official patent for the same was granted back in May, and it seems it is ready to reveal now. A camera is one of the devices not yet being produced by Razer.

An RGB toaster reveal would certainly be very good, but it might turn out to be a Half-Life 3 at this point – overhyped, yet never coming through.