Reacher Season 2: Actor Revealed Source Book, Storyline, Cast, and More


Here’s a treat you don’t want to miss! Previously, news has broken that the TV series derived from the famous Lee Child novel of the same name, Reacher, is already getting picked up by Amazon for not just one, but two more seasons. While the filming for Reacher Season 2 is about to begin, Amazon Prime Video hasn’t given any official announcement about the release date.

  • The main protagonist of the show, Jack Reacher, is a former military and ex-intelligence investigator who has a knack for cracking crimes and mysteries and is out and about again in season 2.
  • The first season, which was released in February 2022, gathered a huge following and received a lot of positive feedback. According to the showrunners, the show will not follow the chronological order of the book so fans should expect a sudden jump from the events that took place in the novel.
  • However, the actor who played Reacher has already hinted at what Reacher Season 2 would look like.


The first season of Reacher saw the events in Lee Child’s Reacher book entry titled Killing Floor. After successfully taking down the Venezuelan syndicate that is infesting the quiet outback town of Margrave, Reacher is once again on the road. But, where is he headed next?

Thanks to Alan Ritchson (Jack Reacher) fans now know a bit of an idea of what would happen in Season 2.

In his tweet a few months ago, Ritchson revealed that Season 2 will be based on the eleventh title in the Reacher novels called Bad Luck and Trouble. Part of the plan of production is to begin filming this fall.

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Bad Luck and Trouble: How Reacher Is Going To Save the Day Again (Storyline)

  • Lee Child’s 11th entry to his famous novel series was published back in 2007. To those who haven’t read it yet, it will be all about revenge plotted by both Reacher and his old friend and confidant, Frances Neagley.
  • When one of the members of his former secret team Calvin Franz, was killed, Reacher and Neagley suspect that something is wrong. Shortly after that incident, the other members went missing one by one. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for the duo to unmask who is behind all of these.
Bad Luck and Trouble, Photo Courtesy of

Additionally, Amazon’s official logline for season 2 seems pretty self-explanatory: “When the members of Reacher’s old military unit start turning up dead, Reacher has just one thing on his mind — revenge.

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  • The actor who portrayed the titular character, Alan Ritchson, will surely be back for a second and third season. And, with the confirmation of the plot, Frances Neagley (played by Maria Sten) will also be returning for another run with Reacher.
  • Unfortunately, characters from Margrave like Roscoe Conklin and Oscar Finlay possibly won’t be gracing us next season. Since the setting of Bad Luck and Trouble is somewhere in California, Margrave will be a thing of the past.
Alan Ritchson
Alan Ritchson, Photo Courtesy of Men’s Health

The following are some of the notable characters in the books. However, Amazon hasn’t revealed the actors who will be playing them:

  • Dave O’Donnell
  • Karla Dixon
  • Allen Lamaison
  • Margaret Berenson
  • Curtis Mauney
  • Azhari Mahmoud

Amazon Prime Video is taking the lead as the go-to streaming platform when it comes to the best original TV shows.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

To begin with, The Boys is already getting a fourth season thanks to its success and a huge increase in viewership. Aside from that, a ‘The Boys’ spinoff titled “Gen V”, featuring superpowered college students is also in development.

The animated series, Invincible, is also already renewed for seasons 2 and 3 which means we’re going to see a lot more of Mark (Invincible) and Omni-Man. Plus, the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings TV adaptation is just around the corner.

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