KBS Drama special Do You Know Ashtang?
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The TV network KBS is releasing the seventh installment in their Drama Special series on December 15, 2022. The drama is titled Do You Know Ashtanga? and tells the story of two relatable characters in their 30s. The drama is worth watching with its promising cast, director, and plot. Let us find out more about it and where you can stream it.

Do You Know Ashtanga?

The drama is set in a time when every hardworking person has complaints within their hearts. According to its director, this humane drama will provide sympathy and comfort to youth while exploring an entertaining romantic comedy plot between a landlord and a yoga instructor.

  • The story is about the son of a landlord who gets involved with their tenant who runs a yoga studio in their building. Kang Nara is a devoted yoga instructor but she is stuck in the ups and downs (mostly downs) of everyday life. She keeps running away from her landlord due to pending rent and ends up crossing roads with the building owner’s son.
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Cast and Crew

The KBS Drama Special Do You Know Ashtanga? stars Joo Jong-Hyuk as the male lead, Seol Tae-Jun. His character is a caring and considerate person who believes in following noble obligations. Previously, the actor has proved his acting calibre through Yumi’s Cells, D.P., The Veil, and Happiness. He received immense love from the foreign audience for his bitter-sweet role in Extraordinary Attorney: Woo Young-Woo.

The special drama also stars Bae Yoon-Kyung as the female lead, Kang Nara. Her character is a realistic and complicated person who is facing the tides of everyday life. Previously, the actress has starred as the lead in dramas Joseon’s Beauty Pagent and the Emmy winning, The King’s Affection. She also had appearances in My Unfamiliar Family, Undercover, and Doctor Prisoner.

  • The drama is directed by Lee Dae-Kyung who was also a director for the famed drama ‘Youth of May’. He was also credited as the director of the 3rd KBS Drama Special, Prism. Korean journalist Ahn Ha-Na noted that his direction style was compared to a ballet performance by the audience. It shall be interesting to see the youthful drama unfold under his elegant direction.
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KBS Drama Special

This is an anthology series by the TV network KBS2. The series produces mini-dramas that aren’t longer than 1 episode at the end of each year. Each drama has a different cast, director, and scriptwriter. All the dramas are uploaded on their official YouTube channel KBS World TV for those interested in adding more shows to their watch list.


KBS started this series on 15 May 2010, with the short drama ‘Red Candy‘ by the veteran screenwriter Noh Hee-Kyung. Until now, the network has released 13 seasons of the Drama Special. In 2021, they started producing short films and plays with 70-90 minutes of running time. At the end of this year, the network will be releasing 10 films in theaters under the production of Ascendio Entertainment.

2022 KBS Drama Special

Sr. No Drama Name Director Cast Release
1 The Stain Lee Min-Soo Cha Hak-Yeon and Lee Si-Woo November 16, 2022
2 Currently Offline Choi Jeong-Eun Kim Ki-Hae and Son Sang-Kyung November 17, 2022
3 Prism Lee Dae-Kyung Hong Seo-He and Kim Min-Cheol December 01, 2022
4 Like Otter Kim Su-Jin Shin Eun-Soo and Kim Jae-Won December 07, 2022
5 Let’s Meet in an Unfamiliar Season Lee Min-Soo Han Ji-Eun and Kim Gun-Woo December 08, 2022
6 Underwear Season Choi Jeong-Eun Kang Seung-Yoon and Choi Jae-Seop December 14, 2022
7 Do You Know Ashtanga? Lee Dae-Kyung Jo Jong-Hyuk and Bae Yoon-Kyung December 15, 2022
8 Silence of the Lambs Kim Su-Jin Kim Sae-Byuk and Jeon Hye-Won December 21, 2022
9 Devil in the Lake Tak Se-Woong Park Ha-Na and Ho Jin December 22, 2022
10 The Distributors Hong Seok-Gu Park Sung-Hoon and Kim So-Eun December 28, 2022


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