ReCore Might Get A “Definitive Edition” by the End of August 2017


For those of you who love action and survival combo, ReCore is a game you guys must have heard of. The Xbox One exclusive had a pretty good mark in the market over its launch. Obviously having the realistic graphics and interactive gameplay, ReCore gained so much popularity on international levels and had a lot of positive reviews. The game is basically roleplay survival where you have to survive in a part of the earth named as Far Eden. Having the role of revamping the existence of mankind, Joule Adams takes on the hardships and defeats the powerful foes around her with a robo-companion named “CoreBot”.

Enough introductions, there has been a news of the game getting a “Definitive Edition”. According to recent reports, the “ReCore: Definitive Edition” has been recently rated by the European Ratings Board. The Release Date of ReCore’s new Edition was mentioned to be 8th August 2017, but since we have not got an official release news from the company yet, it may have been postponed or canceled due to some reason.

Now if you think that the news of ReCore’s new edition is a fake one, there has been a tweet from Saurabh Charde (news editor at mentioning that the new edition of the game is going to be there for sure and he also mentioned three of the major changes to be there in the Definitive Edition of ReCore. He has also mentioned that the new version for the game will release on 29 of August instead of 8. Have a look at the tweet below:

There were already many rumors and speculations, when the developers dropped an announcement tweet earlier today. According to the tweet that follows, there’s a surprise for fans and that they should stay tuned on August 20 to know “what’s next”.

According to Gamespot –

That timing lines up with Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 briefing, so an announcement could happen at that time. The briefing begins on Sunday, August 20, starting at 12 PM PT. That comes out to 8 PM BST and 5 AM AEST on Monday, August 21.

Also there is a new mission added in the Definitive Edition of ReCore named as “Eye of Obsidian” according to that tweet. After almost a year of worldwide popularity and gaining such positive reviews, the game is finally going to get more attention for one more time over the launch of a new edition. Also the release date is not far from now so we don’t have a huge amount of time to wait and the ReCore is having HD Graphics and HDR Capability, we must say it is worth the wait.

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