This week is fully loaded with exciting news for Red Dead Online. The new Blood Money Contracts are giving out an opportunity to double the XP to all the players. Moreover, if players are able to complete any Contract in full within 72 hours, then they will be able to earn an additional offer of 30% an Ability Card Upgrade.

Players are advised not to leave any stone unturned during their travels. Chances are, the player might stumble upon more Capitale than usual.

Complete Role Challenges For An Exciting Reward

One of the exciting news for players is that players are able to diversity their skills by completing five role challenges. Players can complete this from now till August 30th to earn a reward which consists of a free Treasure Map within 72 hours.

Quick Draw Club No.2

Once players pass through the Quick Draw Club No.2 in order to get the fine leather Cartridge Wraps for the Lancaster Repeater, Evans Repeater, Carbine Repeater, Litchfield Repeater, and the Varmint Rifle, they are available in a number of tints that will safeguard the longarms of the players from the elements.

With every installment of The Quick Draw Club, players will earn 25 Ranks of rewards for 25 Gold Bars. Additionally, once players purchase all four installments of the game they would get access to a reward for The Halloween Pass 2 for free.

Discounts Offered

50% OFF
Provisions and Consumables
40% OFF
Role Emotes Semi-Automatic Shotgun Semi-Automatic Pistol
30% OFF
Kladruber Horses Vests, Shirts, and Corsets

Red Dead Online players who are able to connect their Rockstar Gaming Social Club individual accounts to the Prime Gaming on or before 30th August 2021 will earn a reward that consists of a free Hat up to Rank 5 and also offers for Rolling Block Rifle. Additionally, players will receive 30 percent off of the Camp Equipment that players can access from Cripps via Wilderness Outfitters.

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