Red Dead Online Glitch Creates A Ghost In The Snow

Red Dead Online is a great world still under construction. Although it has already been released for some time from the Beta version, it is not impossible to come across a glitch or a bug. Most of the time these are small annoyances, but every now and then you create unique situations that know how to give an extra touch to the already great atmosphere of the work of Rockstar Games. Recently, something like this has happened. A glitch has created a ghost in the snowy frontier of the game.

The report, as you can see below, comes from a user of the Reddit community. In the video we can see that the player, near the abandoned settlement of Colter, noticed something strange and, investigating, he realized that an invincible entity was moving in the snow, leaving a long track.

The most likely solution to this mystery is to be traced back to the polygonal model of a rabbit that, due to a glitch, has become invisible.

However, it is not the first time that an error in the code creates a horror situation in Red Dead Online. Long ago, in fact, following a bug that allowed objects to be duplicated, piles of dead and charred horses had been created outside the city areas. It seems that the game cannot get rid of these “dark presences” unless the code is optimized a little more!

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