Red Dead Online is Going Public From November 30

Red Dead Online

After a month of horse-riding, shooting people in the most ridiculous and intriguing ways and exploring the open-world of the late-19th century in Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s time we involve ourselves into its online mode – Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online is going public from November 30, featuring a vibrant open world, character customisation, minutely detailed landscapes and a new frontier full of things to experience. You can live the experience either solo or form a “posse” consisting up to seven players, camp together, head out for exploration, fish, fight, battle rival gangs and engage yourselves in a variety of open-world challenges.

Rockstar Games is also rolling out a Beta period for Red Dead online in order to gather feedback from early-birds and mitigate major issues for a full-fledged public release. Ultimate edition owners will get access to the beta first, starting Tuesday, November 27 at 8:30 am EST (7:00 pm IST).

Players who started playing the game on October 26 will get access to the beta on Wednesday, November 28. For players who played the game between October 26 to October 29, beta opens on Thursday, November 29. Finally, Red Dead Online goes public on November 30.

Strangely enough, we still don’t have a trailer for Red Dead Online. Just for the fact, Rockstar loves teasing and poking its fans to keep the hype balanced.

We’re still in awe to know more about Red Dead Online. Rockstar has not for once, hinted a thing about the online mode and it’d be interesting to hear from the early-birds about their experience and to know what the world of Red Dead Online withholds.

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