Red Dead Online Leak Hints Adversary Modes And Seamless PvE

Red Dead Online

After a dozen leaks tied-up to Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s time to scrutinise Red Dead Online. Some have been digging the source code of Red Dead Redemption 2’s companion app, that has now revealed a few intriguing details about Red Dead Online.

As per the reports, Red Dead Online will bring the infamous Adversary Modes from GTA Online. Surely, the modes for both the games would be undeniably distinguishable. Of course, Rockstar Games will pack them with more fascinating objectives and tasks to spice up the vast wild-west experience.

Red Dead Online would also offer private sessions for players who prefer some alone time or resolute sessions with their friends and crew members. Additionally, the game will offer seamless PvE. Sounds exhilarating, no?

Above all, Red Dead Online will bring back the Rockstar Editor from GTA V. It is one of the highly demanded features in the game now, and players will have their hands-on very soon.

The examined code contained –


Rest of the parameters –

PARAM_netScPrivateSession 0000000002B9A950
PARAM_netScSeamlessPvE 0000000002BEA8AC

I just can’t wait for my copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 to arrive. Once I load it into my PS4, curtains off, Red Bull stacked, popcorn checked (for the cutscenes) and the real world… huh, funny.

As soon as I finish the main campaign, I’ll sit back, evaluate everything and start penning down my review of the “Most Ambitious Game of 2018”. I wouldn’t rush the game, so expect a comprehensive review, detailing both sides of the coin, with no bias.

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Thanks, Rockstar Intel!

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