Red Dead Redemption 2

PC gamers, it’s time to unite together and bring Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC

The news that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming Fall 2017 broke the internet in just a few minutes. The news is still viral in many of the video-game news websites, and is the hottest of the day on N4G. But, is bringing the highly anticipated game only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a good move?

Red Dead Redemption originally released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010. The PC version, compatible with Windows 8.1 came in 2014, 4 years after it’s original release. Even Grand Theft Auto V. It came out for consoles in 2013, and we PC gamers got to taste the awesomeness in 2015. I am still curios and eager to sit down with a Rockstar executive and ask them, “Why Rockstar why?”.

As revealed on Rockstar Games’ official website, Red Dead Redemption is an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 exclusive so far. There are no signs of PC to be seen. And because of that, many gamers are already creating and signing petitions, demanding Rockstar Games to bring the PC version of the game along with the console versions. Below are some of the petitions you can check out –

Petition 1Petition 2 | Petition 3

However the reveal of Red Dead Redemption has been a great journey for all gaming enthusiasts out there. You can have a detail on how Rockstar did the reveals over here. I think I’ll just write about Red Dead for a couple of weeks as it’s the only thing people are talking about at the moment. Thanks for making my job easier!