Red Dead Redemption 2’s New Leak Reveals The Outfit Customization Menu

Red Dead Redemption 2

In the ever-growing list of Red Dead Redemption 2 leaks, comes another addition – the outfit customisation menu. A new leaked picture shows Arthur Morgan’s wardrobe and outfit choices in the possible Outfit Customization Menu.

User MattMaidment posted the leak on Reddit, which soon caught pace and became a buzzy discussion thread for the game’s fans. The image shows Owned Outfits, which includes –

  • The Gunslinger
  • The Summer Gunslinger
  • The Winter Gunslinger
  • The Grizzlies Outlaw
  • Brawler’s Outfit
  • The Ruffian
  • The Rebel

Below the items, each item has its own description. The current outfit – The Gunslinger’s description says, “This outfit is suitable for hot temperatures”, with a tiny sun icon.

red dead redemption 2 outfit customisation menu

Further below, the menu says, “1 out of 3 outfits on your horse”. You get the ability to save outfits, carry them on your horse’s saddlebag, three at a time, and equip them, of course.

UPDATE: Another customisation image has leaked just now.

red dead redemption 2 outfit customisation menu 2


We’ll keep you updated with more insider information regarding Red Dead Redemption 2. The game releases on October 26th for PS4 and Xbox One.

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