Reddit: Grandma playing Wii Fit still going strong after 16 years

Reddit Grandma playing Wii Fit still going strong after 16 years

If you’ve been following gaming threads on Reddit, you’ve probably heard of the grandma who has played Wii Fit for years. Her grandson has posted an update on Reddit once more, and she is still doing it after almost 16 years!

Commitment to wellness

In 2019, George Perkins shared a photo of his grandma on Reddit, sharing the impressive streak of playing Wii Fit for more than a decade. This incredible commitment made news, and many praised George’s grandma’s dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Years of her consistency definitely show in her beaming smile, and we can honestly say that she still looked the same as in the original photo posted in 2019.

Wii also receives praise

Gperk69, or George, also mentions that his grandma has been doing her exercise every morning for the last 5,794 days. One Redditor pointed out how reliable the Wii has been after all these years. Nintendo surely deserves the praise for building a console that is evidently standing the test of time.

5 years after the original post, showing my Grandma playing Wii Fit every morning for 10 years, Im excited to update you that she is still going!! She wakes up every morning and does excercises to stay fit!! Almost at 16 years!!
byu/gperk69 ingaming


While this is a ‘feel-good’ posting, many are quick to point out that Wii Fit counts the days starting from Day 1 of you playing it and continuously do so even when you don’t play it anymore. If it’s also true that Grandma Wii played the game for 5,794 consecutive days, then it would mean she has not had a vacation or only stayed at her home every day since.

Reddit Wii Fit Grandma Comments

But regardless of that, it’s still nice to believe that our grandparents are taking the time to focus on their health. I must admit, a grandma playing the Wii is truly adorable.

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