Redditor claims Horizon Forbidden West will have Multiplayer

Here’s the thing folks, this news does not matter. But before that, here’s the news – Apparently a Redditor leaked what seems to be Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer alpha stage for online co-op. The video features a ‘cartoonish’ character sprite in a rather mechanical Horizon world. Here’s everything we know about the Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Leaks.

Horizon projects are in work

Now why the news does not matter much, let us tackle that right away. Guerilla Games – the developers of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West have confirmed that they are expanding the Horizon universe.

Forbidden West Leaks
leaks, image courtesy of @Sarge_OP in Twitter
  1. With their full confirmation that they have plans for multiple single-player projects that will include our beloved protagonist Alloy from these first two games. And as we speak “Horizon Call of the Mountain” is in its developmental stage for the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2). It will be a single-player game, of course.
  2. But with upcoming single-player Horizon games aside, Guerilla games have also confirmed the development of a multiplayer co-op game. Although this game will not feature Aloy per se. It will be based on the same universe featuring mechanical dinosaurs. It will instead focus on a separate storyline and build different characters altogether. 

Alleged Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Leak

Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer leaks
leaks, image courtesy of @Sarge_OP in Twitter

Now, the Redditor leaked what the user claims to be footage of Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Alpha Stage. Here is the thread in which the footage was leaked.

This footage which is almost 10 minutes shows early videos recorded of a Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer leak. If this leak is any true, it will indicate that we will await a co-op for the already-released game.

Why does it not weigh much?

Why I said this news does not matter much, is because even if this leak is all bull, we still have an official confirmation to look forward to.

  • I mean even on the off chance that the leaks are nothing but some Fortnite-modded video, we can at least rest assured.
  • Assured that Guerilla games will indeed come up with a Horizon Multiplayer co-op game, even if it is not Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer featuring Aloy.

What did the alleged leaks feature?

Now, what exactly did the leaks contain? Simply told it saw a single character roaming through and witnessing mechanical dinosaurs.

The mechanical element, as I have repeatedly used the word, is about the only thing substantial about it being a Forbidden West Multiplayer Leak. For all we know, it could easily be a leak for the Horizon Multiplayer game that Guerilla earlier confirmed.

A possible cross-platform system

If this leak is indeed Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Co-Op, then we have some good news. There was apparently an option for connecting with PS or PC players. Meaning the multiplayer, if it is any real, will feature an obvious cross-platform interaction.

Now, this also means that this can release after Horizon Forbidden West receives a PC release. Sony seems to be reluctant to do so anytime soon. But given how the first game got a PC release, Forbidden West more or less should get it too.

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