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Jeremy Renner is coming back to the screens with the Disney+ series Rennervations, which marks his first release following the unfortunate snow plow accident. The show’s details and release date were announced along with the trailer.

According to Renner, this show was a major driving force for him during his rehabilitation and he is excited about its release on April 12 through Disney+. Let’s take a closer look at the details, including its premise and crew.

Jeremy Renner comeback with Disney+ Rennervations

The upcoming Disney+ series Rennervations is a reality show focusing on vehicle renovations. It will premiere next month on April 12 with four episodes.

In the series, the actor, who is famous for his work as Marvel’s Hawkeye, amongst many others, will team with expert builders. They will acquire large, decommissioned government vehicles and reimagine them. Their aim is to build mind-blowing creations that can serve kids in communities around the world.

In an official statement, Jeremy Renner shared his bonding with the premise of the show, stating he has been on this journey for many years now. He started this effort for building vehicles for people in need from his community.

Now, the show will take this initiative to another level with an aim for a bigger impact and a greater community. Moreover, Renner expressed this show is one of his biggest passions and a major motivation for his recovery.

At the beginning of the year, Jeremy Renner suffered from a serious snow plow accident. He faced critical injuries with 30 broken bones. It resulted in months of hospitalization and now he is back with the project he passionately started.

What to expect from Jeremy Renner’s Innovations

Jeremy Renner will travel the world along with his friend and business partner, Rory Millikin, with an all-star build crew. Together they will discover decommissioned vehicles and refurbish them for new purposes. This will include projects such as turning a tour bus into a music studio and a city bus into a mobile dance studio.

This journey will begin from Renner’s hometown and travel across three different cities, Chicago, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and Rajasthan in India. Further, on this journey, Renner and Milikin will meet various local communities to understand their needs.

The list of the communities includes Big Brothers Big Sisters, The BASE Chicago, Uva Jagriti Sansthan, and Casa Hogar of Cabo San Lucas.

Moreover, they will meet with different celebrity guests such as Anthony Mackie, actor-entrepreneur Vanessa Hudgens, actor-producer Anil Kapoor, singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra, and more. Each of them will join Renner to deliver the finished vehicles to each organization.

Jeremy Renner’s own Rennervations team includes lead mechanic Corey Wardleigh, and lead fabricator Rob Bender Park. Additionally, his build crew consists of Roxy Bonilla, Justin Self and Merri Oswald, Akamu Whatley, Skiland Judd, Ryan Gunter, and Nick Socha.

Fans expressed their excitement and joy for Jeremy Renner’s recovery and his comeback show Rennervations under the actor’s Instagram post. The show will premiere all four episodes on April 12, through the streaming network Disney+.

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