Any gamer would know the importance of good furniture that will support your gaming experience. IKEA, the Swedish furniture brand, has collaborated with the ASUS Republic of Gamers to cater to this very need of gamers; aiming to develop high-performing solutions for gaming setups.

“Although IKEA is an expert in the field of home life, it is a fledgling player in the gaming industry. Therefore, we decided to work hand in hand with well-known experts in the Republic of Gamers (ROG) to better understand the daily lives of loyal PC gamers. The gaming tables and chairs, storage space, and accessories that we have developed can help more players win.”

A designer from Republic of Gamers, Johnny Chan, said that with the knowledge they have about “gamer needs, pain points and expectations”, they plan to enhance the gaming experience.

30 Gaming Products

  • 30 products under six product families are offered under the collaboration. Except for one product family, the rest are all “IKEA Originals”, that are designed by IKEA on the basis of “insights and knowledge gained from the collaboration.”
  • These product families are, Matchspel, Lånespelare, Gruppspel, Utespelare, Huvudspelare. The Uppspel product family is under the direct collaboration between the Republic of Gamers and IKEA.

  • The collaboration includes accessories such as neck pillows, ring lights, mouse bungee, and mug holders; furniture includes gaming chairs and desks, and drawer units.
  • The products in this collaboration will be available around the globe from October 2021 in all IKEA stores. Additionally, the products received an aggressive black makeover.
  • Gaming desks will cost up to $599, while chairs will cost between $69- $349. The mouse bungee will be $12.99, while the cup holder will cost $10.

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