Resident Evil 4 VR Named The Fastest-Selling Oculust Quest Game

The VR remake of Capcom’s classic, Resident Evil 4 VR came as a mind-blowing game. It is one of the best games which I have ever seen. Most of you will surely know what Resident Evil 4 VR is, but it’s my duty to make it clear. Resident Evil 4 has come to Oculus Quest 2 as a virtual reality video game and was recently reported to be their fastest-selling title!

  • The collaboration with Meta (earlier known as Facebook) seems to be successful. This can be attributed to the high potential of Meta’s marketing. It has been only one month since the launch of the game and it has already been declared as the fastest-selling game.
  • Jason Rubin, who is the founder of Naughty Dog and Vice President of Meta’s Games Division, has tweeted to report the same.
  • Resident Evil 4 VR has also been nominated for Best VR/AR at The Game Awards.

Mercenaries Mode 2022

  • Resident Evil 4 will also get its version of the Mercenaries Mode in 2022. There is some good news for the existing users the new update will be free for them.
  • As per reports, the new version will get more quality of life upgrades. It will get “hand-based steering, improved left-handed controls, height adjustments, and an option to fine-tune the location of your chest and waist inventory slots so you can grab your grenades from a place that suits you best.”

So we can clearly say that resident evil 4 is the best game of the year as it has a user rating of 4.66 out of 5 and a Metacritic rating of 85 out of 100.

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