Resident Evil 9’s Protagonist is Leon, Once Again (Leak)

Resident Evil 9's Protagonist is Leon, Once Again (Leak)

It seems like Leon will be the primary protagonist for the entirety of Resident Evil 9, according to a leak. Will Leon be the only protagonist though? That hasn’t been touched upon yet.

The information comes from Twitter user @PRE_Alarabiya, an Arab community for fans of the Resident Evil series. The account further cites @StiviwonderN as the source for the leak along with Dusk Golem.

Dusk Golem, a prominent source for Resident Evil leaks, has previously said that the game will be set in South-East Asia. While reviewing their Twitter account, however, I saw people flagging the account for false information. Their Resident Evil 8 plot claims were later debunked. They’ve also claimed the game is due for a release in January 25. According to Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 9’s development started early 2018.

We’re following the story closely and if any new information comes up, we’ll let you know.

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