Resident Evil Board Game: Kickstarter Starts October 26

Steamforged Games has been the developer of two successful Resident Evil board games. In exciting news for Resident Evil fans, a new board game based on the game is being planned! The third board game is going to be based on the 2002 remake of the original game. It is being developed by Steamforged in cooperation with developer Capcom.

The new Resident Evil: The Board Game is set to be crowdfunded, which will commence from the 26th of October. This will also include the options for the base game in addition to an assortment of accessories and expansions. Steamforged Games has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming game. It contains visuals of the Spencer Estate and digital renderings of the board, the cards, and pieces of proposed characters.

Resident Evil: The Board Game

  • Up to four players will step into the roles of S.T.A.R.S. operatives. The players will explore the Estate that is filled with deadly monsters, facing vicious enemies, tricky puzzles, twisted narratives. Moreover, it is a labyrinthine open-world experience.
  • The game is set to include both exploration and combat. You will use the same kind of combat and activation mechanisms as the previous Resident Evil board games
  • However, the scenarios will be randomized rather than pre-determined. In addition, when S.T.A.R.S. members are rescued by the players, these characters will have fully automated behavior where they might scavenge supplies, secure escape routes, or go on missions all on their own!

The designer Sherwin Matthews stated that “In [the] Resident Evil [board game], you kind of have a very small starting area, and you have doors that lead off of that.”

“You don’t know what’s behind them. When you get there, you draw an exploration card, and then that populates the next few tiles you may have found. So you really never know exactly what’s waiting around the corner, in terms of both enemies and also exploring out the map.”
– Sherwin Matthews, Designer

When the launch happens, two gameplay expansions will also be revealed, in addition, to stretch goals that will be based on community feedback in a “choice-driven” feedback. The accessories and expansions that are unlocked will depend on which characters survive till the end.

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