Gamers, it’s time to smell good! You heard that right as Capcom has launched a new perfume collection inspired by its Resident Evil franchise. The collection is Japan-exclusive as of now and is a part of Resident Evil’s 25th Anniversary celebration efforts.

The Collection

The collection features three brand new perfumes based on three major characters from the Resident Evil franchise. The collection is namely, The Biohazard 25th Anniversary Mini Perfume Collection“. Each of these perfumes represents one of the following characters:

  • Leon S. Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy’s label is like the Raccoon City Police Department badge, symbolizing his line of work in the game. Also, it is navy blue in color which represents the color of his uniform.

  • Chris Redfield

Redfield’s label is like the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance emblem, again representing the department he works for in the game. The label’s color is dark green just like the uniform he wears in the game.

  • Jill Valentine

Similarly, Jill Valentine’s label is like the Special Tactics and Rescue Service logo, representing her line of work. Her perfumes label has a light blue color, again symbolizing her uniform from the game.

So, each perfume’s design has characters that represent them. We don’t know much about how the perfume smells but that may also have something to do with the characters in-game, though it’s unlikely.

Unfortunately, the perfume collection is only available in Japan, which means most fans won’t be able to enjoy this new line of fragrances. Anyways, they have been priced at ¥6380, which is roughly $60, for each bottle. They will be available for purchase both online and in-stores, but again in Japan.

Other Efforts for Celebration

Apart from releasing The Biohazard 25th Anniversary Mini Perfume Collection, Capcom also did a few other things as a part of their 25th Anniversary celebration:

  • Resident Evil Village DLC was released and is garnering critical acclaim all around the world.
  • Resident Evil Re:Verse online multiplayer game was announced to be coming out soon. It was expected to be released in July but has been delayed to 2022.

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