Resident Evil Remake was released in 2002 by developer Capcom, updating the first version of the classic series. While it has been almost 20 years since its release, a fan of the game has now discovered a piece of information in the game.

Reddit user himmeup has discovered an error in the remake. They did not notice the error while actually playing the game. It was discovered when watching a playthrough video of the game on YouTube. Naturally, it is very easy to miss the small details when you are engaged in the game itself.


The discovery is an error in a date that is in a piece of text. The date of a journal entry is the 31st of November in the game. This might mean that there was a mistake, or that the calendar is slightly different in the Resident Evil universe.

It is naturally an error. However, some fans have begun to theorize that the Resident Evil universe functions on a calendar different from the real world.

Was watching a playthrough of REmake on youtube and noticed the note was dated November 31… from residentevil

There are numerous journal entries in most games nowadays. It is quite easy for the developers to have missed out on such a small detail. This is especially when they would have had huge amounts of material to go over before the release of the game.

It is quite surprising is that the discovery comes almost 20 years after the initial release. Another aspect is that fans still very much enjoy games from 20 years ago. Many of us have grown up along with these games. Though the games are more advanced, sometimes we do find ourselves going back to those games we remember as it was the first time we played them.

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