Screengrab Courtesy of SwitchedOn Gaming via YouTube

The Retro Bowl is a vintage American football game in which you must manage your squad and earn a trophy at the end of each season. As a manager, it is your responsibility to sign and cut players. Because NFL is such a complicated league, it’s difficult to have a successful season, especially the first one, so plan ahead.

You should focus on roster management because it is the most crucial aspect of the game. In the Retro Bowl game, the quarterback is one of the most crucial players, so get the finest one. Making fewer mistakes than your opponent is crucial to your success.

Screengrab Courtesy of SwitchedOn Gaming via YouTube
# of Players Single Player
Genre Arcade, RPG, Simulation, Sports
Platforms Web Browser, Android, iOS, Switch (February 10, 2022)


Retro Bowl- Vintage American Football Game, How To Play

Football is a sport that is surprisingly challenging. It’s a game with game plans and complex commands that sound insane to amateurs. For most of us fans, football is a basic but extremely enjoyable game, with few things more satisfying than a great quarterback dropping back, evaluating the field, and unleashing a precise throw just as a stocky defender closes in on them.

Screengrab Courtesy of SwitchedOn Gaming via YouTube

Retro Bowl aims for that experience, as well as the iconic 8-bit ambiance of Tecmo Bowl on the NES. Previously a successful mobile game that went viral on TikTok, it is now available on Switch for a low price and has been professionally calibrated for the system. You’d never guess this was originally a mobile game if you played it on Switch and it even supports the NES and SNES Switch Online pads if you’re feeling very retro.

Choose Your Team

When you first start, you have the option of choosing your preferred team or taking command of a random squad with the objective of climbing to the top. The management aspect of the game strikes a wonderful balance between being deep enough that you’ll want to evaluate your roster and staff, but easy enough that it won’t take up too much of your time. You only have authority over a few dozen star players, as well as facilities, coaches, and contracts. You may use a free agency, draft, or trades to form your team.

Screengrab Courtesy of SwitchedOn Gaming via YouTube

Coins are earned by a combination of prestige, results, and sometimes as a result of your decisions. You can get tested on your team in between games, choose who to applaud, or prioritize sucking up to management ahead of a team event. You’re constantly attempting to increase your coach points while keeping your players and supporters satisfied. It’s entertaining and, most importantly, fair.

Screengrab Courtesy of SwitchedOn Gaming via YouTube

You only deal with the offense, with written summaries of opposing team possessions; you still have to work on your defense. Quarters take 1, 2, or 3 minutes, depending on your preference. You deal with field goals, extra points, and, most crucially, quarterback play on offense.

Nintendo Switch Release Date

***Pre-order started February 4, 2022.

10th Feb 2022 US/Canada $4.99
10th Feb 2022 (UK/EU/AU £4.49

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