Japanese tech journalist  Zenji Nishikawa teased a “revolutionary” scoop/news for June 4, in one of his recent livestreams. His column will appear on Famitsu next Thursday, which he calls, will be a world premiere article.

“My column in next week’s issue of Famitsu is crazy,” Nishikawa said. “I got a huge scoop… It’s a world premiere article. And an exclusive. It may not be Nikkei or Weekly Bunshun, but if you want to know if it’s a scoop that big…it totally is! It’s a scoop from a game company that everyone loves. An insane scoop.”

He even compares his scoop to that of Wired magazine’s exclusive PS5 story from April 2019, which was the actual reveal of the next-generation console. He said, “Last year, Wired got the exclusive story on PlayStation 5, right? Other media didn’t. It’s that level of a scoop. I interviewed a certain company’s executive and technical staff, it’s really revolutionary… really, it’s a revolution.

“It’ll be in Famitsu next Thursday. I already sent in my manuscript, so the proofs are being made now. It’s a scoop on a level that when the story comes out, other media will make a fuss to the company like, ‘Why didn’t you let us cover it?’ Maybe people will say, ‘Who was the first to break that story?’ ‘It was Zenji Nishikawa, right?’ It’s a scoop as major as the PlayStation 5 scoop. I just wanted to say that in advance.”

According to reports, Nishikawa then confirmed that his scoop was related to SEGA. Interestingly, SEGA will celebrate its 60th anniversary on June 3 and hence, it is quite possible to have a massive drop related to the company.

Let’s wait and watch what’s in store for us. If we take his excitement into account, we’d probably have some amazing news on June 4. We’ll be on the lookout for more information regarding the same.

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