Rick and Morty Season 7 – Everything we know so far

Rick and Morty Season 7

Although Justin Roiland, the show’s co-creator and the voice behind Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith parted ways with the hit animated show Rick and Morty, season 7 is still underway. Here are what we know so far about Rick and Morty season 7.

Rick and Morty Season 7 Release Date

The Adult Swim animated series has not made any official announcement about the season 7 release date. However, the 7th season has reportedly wrapped up. It was also reported that it will come out this year, but no month is specified. A lot of rumors surrounding the show mention a premiere in the Summer of 2023. Nevertheless, we must take this information with a grain of salt.

Season 7 Plot

Rick Sanchez concluded Season 6 with a teaser of what’s going to happen in the following season. In the final moments of Season 6 Episode 10 (Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation), Rick hinted at what he and Morty are going to do once season 7 arrives.

“Rick and Morty season seven. Hunting my nemesis. Maybe trying to stay healthy while doing it, juggling plates – not every episode, Morty, it could be all happening in the background. Who knows?”

Adult Swim ordered 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty back in 2018. Since then, the show has already aired a total of 30 episodes from season 4 to season 6. Except for season 1, the show consistently featured a 10-episode season. That being said, we would probably be seeing the same amount of episodes for season 7. And, with 40 episodes remaining in the contract, Rick and Morty could go on until its 10th season.

Rick and Morty’s new voice actor and other returning cast

A lot of controversies surrounded Justin Roiland following his alleged domestic violence case. As a result, Adult Swim, Hulu, and the show he co-created decided to fire the animator. Despite his departure, the show is still returning for another season of the grandfather and grandson duo adventures. With Roiland now gone, a new voice actor is needed for Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith as well as the other side characters Roiland once voiced.


Replying to @johnny_cruces575 Goodnite yo. #rickandmorty #impressions #voiceover #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Sean Kelly

There are some notable names that are getting votes from the fans. But, one TikToker caught the attention of many of the show’s fans. Sean Kelly (@seankellysays) is an impressionist that became famous in TikTok due to his uncanny impressions of beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and of course, Rick and Morty.

The show will also not be complete without the Smith family members like Jerry (Chris Parnell), Beth (Sarah Chalke), and Summer (Spencer Grammer). Dan Harmon may reprise his role as Bird Person in the future, too.

What is “Rick and Morty” all about?

Rick and Morty is a popular animated television series that first premiered in 2013. The show follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a brilliant but eccentric scientist, and his teenage grandson, Morty Smith, as they travel through different dimensions and universes. The show is known for its dark humor, complex storytelling, and satirical take on science fiction tropes. It often explores themes such as existentialism, nihilism, and the nature of reality. The show has also gained a reputation for its use of complex scientific concepts and theories, which it often presents in a humorous and accessible way.

Rick and Morty Best Episodes

The characters of Rick and Morty have become fan favorites, with Rick’s irreverent and often amoral behavior contrasting with Morty’s more innocent and ethical worldview. Other recurring characters include Rick’s daughter and Morty’s mother Beth, her husband Jerry, and their daughter Summer. The show has received critical acclaim for its writing, voice acting, and animation, and has amassed a dedicated fanbase. Moreover, it has been praised for its willingness to take risks and its ability to balance humor with emotional depth. The show has also spawned a variety of merchandise and spin-off projects, including comic books, video games, and a popular tabletop game.

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