Rise of the Ronin Trailer Breakdown; AC, Souls, Sekiro meets Just Cause & Far Cry?

Let’s assume you have played a souls game. ‘A souls’ because if you’re anyone sensible you’d have given up after just one game. But, if you’re anyone sensibly sensible, you have found yourself dreading to continue playing despite the overwhelming difficulty. Now let’s assume again – you love shinobis. You were initiated into it by the classic Ninja Assassin, the 2009 neo-noir action gore, or by your small brother who taught you Naruto’s Ninja way.

The third assumption is that you were so into Sekiro Shadows Die Twice that you contemplated attempting to throw shurikens. You also tried striking Katanas or becoming one with your shadow but failed. Well, after all these, we bring to you something that you may have just been waiting for – Rise of The Ronin Trailer Breakdown.

What’s Rise of The Ronin?

Via Official Trailer in Playstation’s channel YT
  • Sony’s State of Play live stream (the online holy grail for newly developed projects) revealed Rise of The Ronin on Tuesday, the 13th. Fumihiko Yasuda mentioned that it took over 7 years to develop. For that, it does indeed look quite ambitious, hopeful even. A game that looks like it combines the parkour of Assassins’ Creed with the difficulty and dark tone of Souls while effectively giving us a larger Sekiro, what can expect from it?
  • The open-world action RPG game is a Playstation exclusive. That probably means it has a chance for a PC release, depending on how well it performs.

Yasuda in an interview mentioned – 

“By harnessing all the skills and knowledge we’ve gained over the years we really wanted to take things to the next level by attempting to thoroughly portray the most critical revolution in the history of Japan including the darkest and ugliest chapters that many will shy away from. This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and challenging project for Team Ninja Studio to date,” 

Team Ninja Developed

Rise of the Ronin is created by Team Ninja, previously known for the classic 1995 Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive. They also released Nioh, which received positive critical acclaim in 2017.

What is The Game About?

The game follows the Bakumatsu Era of Japan in 1863. It was the era that witnessed the end of the Tokugawa shogunate. Sony has described the story –

“It’s darkest before dawn. In Rise of the Ronin you will explore an evolving world as you fight to forge a new era for Japan. You are a Ronin, a warrior free from all masters and bonds and as your destiny intertwines with story characters, take part in an immersive combat-focused action experience.”

Rise of The Ronin Trailer Breakdown

Rise of Ronin Trailer Breakdown The Open World

1. Infrastructure

Rise of the Ronin Trailer Breakdown
The Edo Period Japan towards the end of Shogunate Rule snapped from The Reveal Trailer of Rise of The Ronin
  • The official reveals in PlayStation by Team Ninja mentions that the game is based on the end times of 300 long Edo period. If the game is to be historically accurate, this is the time when the United States starts to meddle with Japan by opening ocean trade routes and establishing ports.
  • This naturally means that the open world presented by Team Ninja will comprise the remnants of the Shogunate development and infrastructure in medieval Japan.

2. Two Sets of Areas Within the Developed Towns – Western and Traditional Japanese 

Rise of Ronin Infrastructure
Edo Period Japan is divided by the traditional shogunate infrastructure with an invisible border that divides the western developed architecture of the US. Courtesy of the Reveal Trailer of Rise of Ronin
  • It seems that the Open world will feature a central town. Possibly that Town will be the capital of the Japanese Shogunate – The Edo Castle.
  • Surrounding the castle should be a town, which will be divided into two areas comprising two distinct sets of NPCs- Traditional Japanese and Western-wearing English NPCs.
Rise of Ronin US NPC
The reveal trailer shows the eagle moving through the town, showing a US flag, indicating the presence of US-based NPCs

3. Playable Area in the Open World in Rise of The Ronin

rise of ronin open world
Three possible kinds of open world area – Red: The Forests, and Snow Mountains, Green : The Distant Forest Areas, outskirts and Yellow: The Main Town

There seem to be three sets of areas in which we can explore the open world of the Japanese Edo period – Snowy mountains, forest outskirts, and the main central town (divided into two parts, advanced and traditional Japanese).

Rise of Ronin Trailer Breakdown Gameplay Mechanics

1. Possible Outpost Overthrow Minigame

Rise of the ronin trailer breakdown
Edo Castle in Rise of The Ronin, a possible take down the castle activity. Taken from Reveal trailer.

The trailer showed a gigantic Edo Castle. It is possible this will feature the main storyline mission. Or it could also be part of a side activity – take the tower down.

Fans may recall this from Assassins Creed Brotherhood or Far Cry’s outpost overtaking missions.

2. Technology – Ships and More

the black ship in ronin
The Black Ship (American Port Ships meant for establishing relations with Japan sent by President M. Fillmore in history)
  • There may be gameplay in the ships. It is unlikely the game will feature full-on ship-based navy gameplay something along the lines of Black Flag AC 4. That’s unlikely, although not entirely possible.
  • My bet is that the main mission may allow epic Katana swings in the ships, but that should be it. Surprise me Team Ninja.
  • The Edo period ends by the 19th century, so expect to see the onset of certain technological advancements. One can expect the usage of Guns, Ships, and Horse Carts.
  • One may also see the very beginning of cars, but that’s unlikely given that Cars were developed in the late 1800s, while the Edo period ended by mid-1800 (1860). Though America acquired Cars very soon after the automobile was first developed in France and Germany.

3. Horse Riding

horse riding
Rise of The Ronin Reveal trailer gives a glimpse of Horse Riding
  • The trailer gives us a glimpse of horse riding as Ronin rides horseback through a stair.

4. Gliding

Gliding in RISE OF Ronin breakdown
Gliding as revealed in the trailer
  • Rise of The Ronin will allow the players to glide around after climbing and jumping from a top building. That’s fun and isn’t really new, but insanely helpful. Reminds you of Just Cause, Assassin’s Creed (Da Vinci), and Far Cry.
5. Grappling Hook
grappling hook
Grappling Hook shown in the trailer
  • Rise of The Ronin will probably feature a grappling hook (like Sekiro). It may not be as fancy as Just Cause and now allow you to become Spiderman in a Japanese period (Spider Samurai!). But it will probably go a few distances, enough for Combat.

The Storyline

Via Official Trailer in Playstation’s channel YT
  • The storyline will probably feature the battle between Tokugawa Shogunate and the Anti Shogunate movement.
    • Two factions within Edo Japan will battle for power, as the United States meddle. The trailer mentions the black ship and features a certain English character.
    • This one probably is the villain.
  • It is possible that our hero will fend off the Shogunate as an Anti Shogunate but be hired by the US. Although it is possible that the story will betray the protagonist, and the final arc will seek revenge against the US Commander. (It’s my guess, something I picked up from Sleeping Dogs story.)

The Main Character

Rise of The Ronin Trailer Breakdown
The Masterless Ronin, a nomad Samurai who has no obligation towards any master. The playable character in Rise of THE Ronin, is revealed in the trailer.

The main character seems to be a drifting Samurai that has no master. In the Edo period, a masterless Samurai was looked down upon by society or usually feared. The Ronin will probably be an underdog and will get a dispassionate look from the NPCs. t

The Main character is shown in the same dress all throughout the trailer, with only his Hat changing. The hat may be an off-putable item, or there might be the possibility of a dress change. Open World games really glitter when there are clothing options. (Fashion is high even in Edo Japan ;).

1. Weapons 

1.1 Guns
rise of ronin trailer breakdown
An Infantry Rifle that has a sharp blade (Via the official trailer in Youtube by Playstation channel)

Two kinds of guns are shown so far. One is a long infantry rifle, and the other is a revolver. This is somewhat similar to Bloodborne in which you may use a rifle.

Rise of The Ronin Trailer Breakdown
Use of revolver by the playable character snapped from blog.playstation.com
1.2 Katana
katana use
Using a Katana in Rise of The Ronin (via the official trailer)
  • The Katana sword uses seem to come with multiple sets of combinations. Players can expect to do combo attacks, basic attacks, and visceral attacks.
  • In the trailer, this scene above shows the character countering a sword attack of the enemy. It hints that there will possibly be a red mark or yellow mark indication in the gameplay that will allow the player to block, and counter. 
1.3 Spear
The use of Spear in trailer
The trailer shows Ronin using a spear. The spear will be possibly available among the options of weapons.

2. Special Moves

  • A finisher move where the Ronin kicks and lifts the enemy up, and jots down with a fierce move was also showcased. Something similar to Marvel’s Spiderman combo where spidey lifts the enemy up with a kick and then can do aerial moves. Similarly, aerial moves should be possible here.
ronin special move
There seems to be a special move possible, a finisher. Ronin lifts the enemy up, slashes the Katana through the stomach, and stomps down. Cliche samurai killer move 🙂
  • The Nioh game by Team Ninja featured certain fantasy elements. Monsters and dark arts. It is probable that this game will also allow such elements. As seen in the trailer, Ronin conjures fires. Either this is magic, some demonic contract, or Ninjutsu.
Ronin conjures Fire after grappling into the enemy and jumping.


That was our breakdown of the trailer of Rising of The Ronin. So far it seems like a game that will probably have the difficulty of Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Elden Ring. This is automatic given what Team Ninja did with Nioh. The gruesome monsters, dark nights, and the overall tone of the game felt as so.

Given that this is comparable to Nioh in some regards, we can expect something similar. It’s a ninja world, so Sekiro comes to mind. From the Eagle in the trailer, the game also feels like it has a homage to Assassins Creed. Yet I can’t help but be reminded of Sekiro, Far Cry, and Just Cause after seeing its mechanics of grappling hook.

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