Risk Of Rain 2 Files Contain Nintendo Switch Assets; Port Coming Soon?

Hopoo Games and Gearbox’s Risk of Rain 2 has been creating headlines since its release on 28th March. While the latter didn’t announce anything about the console ports at PAX East, a bunch of Nintendo Switch assets were found in Risk of Rain 2’s game files.

Risk of Rain 2 - Switch Assets

These files were discovered by Risk of Rain 2 data miner, u/AtheosLoL, who posted it first on r/riskofrain. Although we won’t be surprised if a Switch port comes out eventually, these files aren’t concrete proof of a port just yet.

The “NintendoSwitchHandheld.asset” file refers to playing with JoyCons attached to the console, and the following files are also related to the JoyCon controllers. There’s a possibility the files were packed in Unity, the engine Risk of Rain 2 is built on.

Risk of Rain 2 - Switch Assets

Developer Hopoo tweeted that they’re planning Risk of Rain 2 for consoles, but there’s a fair time period in between before that happens. Another thing to note is that the game is still in Early Access. And as claimed by Hopoo, they aren’t “planning on Early Access on any consoles”.

The files could be just Unity stock files, but we aren’t so sure. We’ll keep you updated.

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