Risk of Rain Returns: What we know so far

Risk of Rain was a surprise hit in 2013. It was an indie release that provided many intriguing elements, from its random levels to its numerous combinations. With Gearbox announcing early in the year it acquired the franchise, it seems they are returning to its roots. Now, equipped with the knowledge they gained from the sequel, the original developers of Hopoo Games hope to make the remake even better.

What’s New in the Remake?

Risk of Rain Returns will now have an updated codebase, making the game run smoother on modern rigs since it is an almost decade-old game. Not only that, but they want to ensure that all the new things they’re planning for the game work together. It will likely include some elements of Risk of Rain 2. Some of the things they’ll be adding include:

  • New monsters
  • New items
  • More survivor abilities
  • New survivors

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Gearbox also confirmed that they hired Chris Christodoulou who made the game’s original soundtrack. Many are excited about the remake because it and the sequel were highly rated gamers. Gearbox is a new publisher, but retaining the team of Hopoo means they will keep the spirit of the original.

What to Expect from Risk of Rain Returns

Those who’ve played the two Risk of Rain games understand that each is vastly different from the other. Risk of Rain felt like a classic Metroidvania, with gameplay like Castlevania, Terraria, and the Metroid franchise. The sequel felt more open because it was now in 3d, introducing various elements that weren’t possible in the original development.

Risk of Rain Returns will likely stay true to the style of the original, updating it to be a little more aesthetically pleasing. In the game, you’ll play a survivor who has a unique set of abilities and weapons. From there, you’ll discover more items to help you with your runs. You get to unlock new characters as you progress.

What makes Risk of Rain enjoyable is the procedural generation. No one game feels the same because everything is randomized when you start a run. Not only that, but there were so many things to discover, and finding an item allowed you to breeze through areas.

The game has a lot to unlock, similar to how Binding of Isaac kept you playing because of the limitless combinations and possibilities. Add to that the modern take of platformer 90s games with crisper movement, and you get Risk of Rain.

Release Date?

The announcement for Risk of Rain returns is new, so we might not get anything yet for at least a year. However, since this is a remake, they may have been working on an existing code for a while now. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a trailer followed by a release on Steam within 2023. We’re excited to get back into it again, playing multiplayer with friends in this enjoyable rogue-lite.

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