Road Redemption

Pixel Dash Studios, the developer of Road Redemption is planning a Nintendo Switch version of the game. The game where you kick, hit, plan accidents and witness mind-blowing deaths is finally headed towards Switch.

The report comes from the Pixel Dash’s Twitter handle, that said the devs were working on some “exciting things”. Also, they mentioned that more details would be announced “soon”.

In a reply to one of their fans, Pixel Dash said –

“You’re in luck! A Switch version is definitely in the works, so stay tuned…”

However, the tweet has been removed since then and sadly, there’s no screenshot if it.

Road Redemption might as well release for PS4 and Xbox One following its Switch release. However, before concluding anything specific, let’s wait until the news gets strong.

Road Redemption is a loose sequel to Road Rash – the evergreen beat ’em up racing game. Almost every gamer from the 90s has their own experience with the game.

It started as a Kickstarter campaign, which raised $173K to release on Steam Early Access in 2014.

I played the game only once at GamerConnect Guwahati, where I competed with three other fellow mates. I ended up 2nd.

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