The Roblox Corporation has filed a lawsuit against a controversial Roblox content creator. Benjamin Robert Simon, better known online as Ruben Sim, for allegedly orchestrating a “cybermob” that terrorizes the Roblox platform and its developers.

The lawyers of Roblox on Tuesday, in a court in California, have filed a lawsuit alleging that Simon “commits and encourages unlawful acts designed to injure Roblox and its users.”

Roblox VS. Ruben Sim

  • Roblox is potentially looking at damage worth $1.6 million. Roblox is predominantly a platform for children and is worth $45 billion. It is more than just a game; it is indeed a platform that allows individuals to create their own games and worlds.
  • According to the New York Times, there are dozens of games on the platform and shop. They have an average of 32.6 million users logging in each day in 2020.
  • Simon and Roblox platform’s history dates farther back, and he was also been banned for many years. But he has continued to access this platform through hacking or through other people’s accounts.
  • Formerly, he was banned from Roblox for harassing its users and for the usage of derogatory racist and homophobic slurs. He was also banned for sexual harassment and uploading pictures of Adolf Hitler. A part of this content was then uploaded to his YouTube and Patreon channels.

Terrorist Threats

However, Roblox attorneys reportedly claimed Simon made “terrorist threats” that caused the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco to be temporarily canceled in October.

According to the complaint, Simon and his “cybermob” followers discussed the April 2018 YouTube headquarters shooting, during which Simon allegedly remarked, “Wait till [someone] does it to Roblox.”

During the event, Simon allegedly tweeted that San Francisco police were “looking for a renowned Islamic extremist” at RDC 2021. Lawyers said he and others continued to post fake threats like this, including one that allegedly read, “Don’t come to RDC tomorrow.”

According to a lawsuit, they suspended this event and “forced into a temporary lockdown while local police and private security conducted a search to secure the facility”.

David Baszucki, Roblox CEO
  • Roblox further said that this had cost them $50,000 in order to make an investigation and secure the RDC right after the incident took place. Since then Simon has removed and deleted much of his Tweets. Roblox is suing Simon for breach of contract, attempting fraud, among other four counts.
  • According to the People Make Games investigation, young developers are reportedly falling victim to exploitation on this platform. Furthermore, this platform has been a center of attraction for many scammers and fascists despite Roblox leveling up their moderation efforts.

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