GTA Online
Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Rockstar have announced the bonuses for this week in GTA Online. The bonuses are as follows:-

Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities:

  • Arena Wars, 3X

  • Premium Repo missions, 2X

This has faced immense backlash from the GTA community. A number of players had been waiting for Motorcycle Club bonuses, but unfortunately, Rockstar decided to go with Arena Wars. The game mode isn’t adored much by the community and only a few players play it. This has led to severe backlash from the GTA Online community.

The GTA Online subreddit also has been full of complaints against the ongoing bonuses. One user says, “Everyone praying for: MC 2x Rockstar: another mode which is forgotten and no one plays is 3x aaand the discounts are also very bad, thank you R*!”.

Rockstar has been pretty weird with things as far as GTA Online is concerned. Their recent moves haven’t received good reception from the community and if keeps going on, the future doesn’t look good for GTA Online.

Here is a full list of Weekly Bonuses in the game:-

New Content:

  • Podium Car – Tempesta

  • The Declasse Vamos is now available on

Discounted Content:

  • RC Tank, $1,365,000

  • Stromberg, $958,000/$1,274,140

  • X80 Proto, $1,350,000

  • Arena Wars Workshop, 50% Discount

  • RC Bandito, $954,000

Time Trial:

RC Bandito Time Trial:

Targeted Sales:

  • Sasquatch