Rockstar Expects Red Dead Online To Leave Beta This Quarter

Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games is expecting Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online world, to leave its beta period during the current quarter.

In Take-Two Interactive’s fiscal 2019 earnings call, Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick confirmed the same. He said, “We expect Red Dead Online to exit the beta period during the current quarter with significant new content to follow.”

“We’re as excited as ever about the long-term opportunity for Red Dead Online”, he added.

From what Take-Two and Rockstar claims, the net bookings(net sales/players’ spending on the game) for Red Dead Online has grown “sequentially” in the fourth quarter of FY2018-19.

While there were no mentions of any singleplayer DLC or updates, Strauss promises that Red Dead Online will see new content “on an ongoing basis including when it comes out of beta.”

Despite all the complaints, requests and many discussion threads on the internet regarding Red Dead Online’s incompetency, Rockstar’s money-milking strategies and many more, the company seems to have overlooked the consumers’ feedback and wants. Rockstar has claimed Red Dead Online to be a great success, with Take-Two President Karl Slatoff saying, “Throughout [the] fiscal year 2020, we will continue to support our titles with innovative post-launch content that drives engagement and recurrent consumer spending, including many more updates for Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online.”

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